Car Rental In New Orleans LA

New Orleans is one of the most favored vacation destinations on the planet, and in order to enjoy it fully, renting a car would be to your advantage. There are actually numerous options in car rental in New Orleans LA. The city is home to a burgeoning car rental scene, and in addition to the familiar names in the industry, a number of smaller startups have entered the market. Offering competitive rates and similar features to the bigger boys, these companies contribute greatly to the healthy state that car rental in New Orleans LA is in today. For the traveler who wants the convenience of a rental car with as little fuss as possible, these services may be the next best things to the city itself.

Why rent a car in New Orleans?

Many people who visit New Orleans do so because of Mardi Gras. For such people, a rental car isn't really necessary, as they could find virtually everything they need within a few minutes walk from the hotel. However, New Orleans is about a lot more than just Mardi Gras, and its other features may require you to go further away than a few blocks from your hotel. New Orleans is a city that is positively steeped in tradition, and a rental car can help you discover some of them firsthand. If you aren't satisfied with the typical vacation wherein you spend all your time near the hotel, car rental in New Orleans LA will give you the means to explore the innermost secrets of this fabulously charming city.

Booking a rental car in New Orleans

There are a few key things to remember with regard to car rental in New Orleans LA:

  • Avoid booking a rental car during big holidays
  • Check out airport car rental services
  • Drop off your car at the same place as the pick up point

While Mardi Gras may be the primary reason for your visit, it isn't necessarily the best time for car rental in New Orleans LA. Car rental rates tend to be on the high side during Mardi Gras–just as it is around any other big holiday–so you may want to hold off on your plans for car rental in New Orleans LA until off season.

If you want to make car rental in New Orleans LA a lot easier on yourself, you may want to look into the many companies that offer services right out of the airport. In addition to giving you ready access to a rental car within minutes after getting off your flight, such companies also generally charge lower rates on car rentals than companies located off the airport.

Some companies that offer car rental in New Orleans LA will allow you to pick up a car from one of the company’s own pickup points and then drop it off at another location. Although this may be a convenient option if you plan to head off to another state by road, you may be charged extra for this feature. If at all possible, it would be best to drop off your car at the same car rental in New Orleans LA you picked it up from.

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